It is important to not overlook safety features while buying a car and comparing various models, especially if you are buying an older car model. Here are some basic safety gear features.

Safety belt

Today there are many enhanced features that are significantly more effective than their older models. The primary function of the seat belts is to reduce the effects of the force place on everything in vehicle including driver when vehicle suddenly accelerates or stops. This helps prevent injuries, resulting from colliding, with other parts and objects in vehicle or preventing ejection from vehicle. These belts are distributed over the chest and pelvis as strongest parts of body. Improvement of the belt through time was very significant, today as they are made most comfortable for the driver they are also amazingly effective.


When it comes to frontal collision, crash sensors of the car detect it and with the help of the onboard computer trigger the bags. They are so improved today that most of airbag systems detect weight, presence and sit position of the driver and the passengers in order to minimize possible injury.

ABS or antilock brakes

ABS is a brake wheels system made in order to maximize braking of the wheels and preventing locking them up. This saves a lot of cars from slipping on difficult surfaces and allowing driver more control over vehicle in order to retain steering control while braking. When you push the brake pedal this system will automatically and rapidly apply the brakes to provide maximum and control to the driver.

Traction and electronic stability control

While traction system provides maximum traction while it limits wheel spin during acceleration, electronic stability takes this traction control level higher. Electronic stability system keeps vehicle away from skidding and sliding by using series of sensors linked to a computer. When it’s needed it immediately reduces car engine and brakes one or more wheels as needed.

There are a lot of newer safety features such as pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, brake assist, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking that really contribute to safety level of your car but keeping on mind basic ones mentioned above will really do its job.

Car accident behavior

First of all, never ever drive from the place of the accident. If physically capable, make it safe for others, turn flashers on and set up flares. If it’s dark use the flashlight if needed. Calling the police is always a good idea to get a report to file a claim for your insurance company. Never interfere police investigation but you are allowed to take pictures of visible damages and injuries. Immediate responding to your insurance company is a next step and very important one. Seeing a doctor is a must thing no matter that you think you have no injuries, hidden concussions may lead to serious consequences. For sure call your attorney in order to receive best legal advice to make most of your case.