Author: Roger House

Top-Rated Used Vehicles in 2018 

    Second-hand cars are the best option for many people buying cars today. Statistics show that more than 40 million used cars were sold in 2017, while only 17.1 million new cars were sold. Selecting the best-used car to purchase is the greatest challenge, especially when shopping for an affordable, reliable and stylish car equipped with modern safety and electronic features. There are several popular brands and models to pick from every year. This article is meant to assist you in shopping the best-used vehicles of 2018 organized by category and price. The information below will help you...

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The 5 Best Aftermarket Headlights for Cars & Trucks

Whether you own a car or truck, you need dependable headlights that can help you see at night. There are tons of different light bulbs on the market today. They vary in visibility, lifespan, and brightness. Some are even more efficient than others. Aftermarket headlights are the way to go when it’s time to replace your lights. Contrary to popular belief, they can hold their own when they are put to the test. For example, studies show that aftermarket headlights last at least five times longer than standard halogens. In this article, we will take a close look at...

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The Best Aftermarket Headlights For Ford Trucks

The industry of car headlights has become really extraordinary with their offer providing best suitable headlights to specific vehicles and managing specific situations perfectly. In various different forms you may find smartly designed headlights with superior illumination power. Do you want to replace the old and boring halogens on your favorite Ford? Do you still feel that the OEM lights don’t give you that custom look for the money you are paying? Yes, it’s time to surf the internet and check out the new lights the aftermarket manufacturers have to offer. There is a wide range of different styles...

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There is a never-ending debate among those who build engines for a living, about, what is better, horsepower or torque? Some say it’s horsepower, some that it is torque. “Horsepower is what pushes, pulls, shoves, or drags our rides through the friction-filled world. If we want to go faster, it takes more horsepower. If we want to go slower, it takes less horsepower” by Harold Bettes, SuperFlow “It takes torque to get a car moving” – by Dick Miller from Dick Miller Racing But, what the torque really is? Work is calculated as a vector force, exerted in a...

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Best Oil For Your Car

There is really a wide range of choices today when it comes to buying just right oil for your precious car. This range is so wide that it can become confusing sometimes, just starting from synthetic, semisynthetic, organic, different weights and tons of brands. There are few facts that could help you about this process.  Keeping it simple you should just use owner’s manual which will likely tell you which one you should buy. If you accidentally don’t have it there is always Amazon or eBay where you can easily buy one. Just think, who would know best...

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